Waddington Rehab Center, LLC is a licensed Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center. There are currently two locations in the Pittsburgh area both offering multiple programs to anyone looking for help with their recovery. We opened the doors to Waddington in May, 2016 with the goal of helping individuals struggling with addiction. Over the years, we have been working with many clients to aid in their successful path to a happy, healthier life. We take pride in our staff and the relationships we build with our clients and making them feel like they are at home here with us until they can get back to their loved ones. We believe that addiction is a treatable disease, and we want to help break the cycle. 

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Waddington Provides an Excellent Atmosphere

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Our patients are staying at the spot that in a unique way inspires the confidence in themselves, in their strength, and in the effective healing.

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You can trust that we care for your story like it's one of our own.

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2681 Waddington AvenuePittsburgh, PA, 15226
701 Penn AvenuePittsburgh, PA, 15066
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Waddington Addiction Rehab © 2021 All rights reserved.